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A transformative practice designed to awaken your True nature and unlock your highest potential...

Introducing the Solution You´ve Been Searching For!
Do you find yourself constantly giving time and attention to others but neglecting self-care?
Are you tired of riding an emotional rollercoaster, unable to find lasting peace and calm in your life?
Are you yearning for a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment? Even after achieving your dreams, still feel something’s missing?

It’s time to break free from these limitations and discover a transformative path towards inner harmony and purpose.
We understand that maintaining a healthy body is important, but we also believe in nurturing your mind and spirit. Our practice combines invigorating workouts with mindfulness techniques, allowing you to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.
With our guidance, you can unlock the secrets to finding true peace, serenity, and meaning in your life.

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Our work is centered around guiding you to reconnect with your true self, release trauma, and overcome limiting patterns in both your body and mind. Throughout our intuitive inner journey, I will provide you with a personalized toolkit of techniques and practices. Committing to daily practice will allow you to transcend limitations and open yourself to new possibilities. Additionally, I offer ongoing follow-up and support to ensure your progress and well-being.

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Welcome friend.

I’m Advika Mar a certified yoga and meditation teacher in India (RYT500) and Nepal.
I want to share a powerful technology that can help you transform your life.
Discover the tools to release stress, find balance, and enhance your overall well-beingwant.

More about me

About Advika Conscious Yoga

Conscious Yoga is a whole experience of ancient yoga lineage that integrates powerful techniques including Kriyas, asanas, pranayamas & meditation.

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I took your class for the first time yesterd. This morning, even though I still had the same stress and problems as the day before, I felt lighter, happier, and just good. I was meditating outside and felt so peaceful. I have been doing yoga poses and meditations for years, but have only had one class that was similar. I am really excited to have such a marked shift in the way I feel. I had never worked with the movement of energy along with the mantras and Breathwork together. Thank  you for such a helpful class!

Puntuación: 5 de 5.


Advika your practice is awesome you are changing lives with that Hooah mantra! It I so energetic that it is like a light that pulls us up into the stratosphere! Keep bringing it in and more will come! You are a great light in the world. I have been doing the SanChin  breathing practice which generates a similar transcendental experience …now I’m doing your as a new one and I loved it

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