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1-1 Integrative Himalayan Kundalini Yoga Class

Ready to Dive into a Practice Tailored Just for You? If you’re navigating through emotional challenges and need specialized guidance to navigate through them, a practice meticulously designed to shatter negative patterns and cultivate joy, while transforming your energetic, physical, and mental state, could be your answer.
You don’t have to go through this alone; there’s a practice that can assist you, and a teacher to guide and support you.

Why Choose an Integrated Practice?

Experience an integrative practice rooted in ancient yoga lineage, incorporating powerful techniques like Kriyas, asanas, pranayamas, mantras, mudras and meditation. Every posture, every breath, is an echo of knowledge and healing.

Our conscious yoga practice focuses on connecting the mind, body, energy and spirit through intentional movement and breathwork and meditation a holistic approach that nurtures body, mind, and spirit, fostering wellness, calmness, and peace.

An Harmonious blend of transformative breathwork, invigorating kriyas, grounding asanas and blissful meditation practices.

Strengthen your body, stabilize your mind, and find deep serenity.

Our primary focus revolves around Kriya Yoga   

Create specific energetic shift in the physical, mental and energetic bodies

-Strength your energetic field/aura

-Release bio-memory, and create energetic shift at the cellular level

-Heal Trauma at the cellular level

-Refine the nervous system

-Refine and Balance the Chakras

-Rewire the brain with new possibilities to create the life you always dream

-Evolved intuition through love, joy & compassion

-Start to live a blissful and abundant life

-Cultivate a deep state of silence, stillness and peace -Can help you feel more grounded and centered.

At ACY we create a holistic experience, so each class will help you to increase strength and flexibility in a body level, opens your heart and master your mind.
You may experience a subtle cellular shift, a dynamic mind-body experience, as well as a mindful meditative experience that will bring benefits to your life like releasing deep stress, emotions content in a cellular and subconscious level, creating a mental clarity state that will help you to sleep better and be more present, all resume to experience and live fully and blissfully.

In every class we encourage you to delve deep into your own journey, using yoga as a way to transcend your body and mind to meet on the field of silence, with your divine essence, and take it with you beyond the mat.

Experience the benefits of focused attention, individual adjustments, and customized variations that cater to your unique physical needs.

Get ready to elevate your practice! 

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