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Cacao Ceremony

Embrace the Full Moon’s Radiance at Our Cacao Ceremony a Sacred Ceremony from the Mayan Tradition 🌕

Join us for a magical evening under the shimmering new moon as we gather for a Cacao Ceremony New Moon Circle, infused with the essence of self-love and the rejuvenating power of Kriya Yoga.

Join us in creating a space for reconnection and introspection. Allow the sacred Cacao to open your heart, and let your soul take the lead as you delve into the transformative power of love.

This unique event is your personal invitation to deep self-discovery and transformation.

We will drink a very special ceremonial Cacao that is from the sacred valley of Peru.

As the moonlight bathes us in its celestial glow, we will begin by creating a sacred space to drink the Cacao, after this heart-opening start, we’ll embark on a guided Himalayan Breathwork Meditation,

designed to further open our hearts. This practice allows your breath and energy to become your allies, guiding you toward inner peace, clarity, to release negativity and what no longer serves you and embrace the path to your fullest potential.

Our journey concludes with a blissful Shavasana, leaving you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. 🧘‍♀️🌬️

By practicing kriya, we invite a state of full presence and awareness into our lives. It empowers us to live intentionally and make choices that are in alignment with our true essence.

 Seize this opportunity to make a different choice, to release what no longer serves you, and to welcome the abundance and positivity the Universe has in store. 🌠

Book your seat today and immerse yourself in the healing power of Cacao, and the soothing depths of breathwork! 🌟🍃


Please plan to arrive 5 minutes ahead of time, and kindly bring your own mat, blanket, or any personal items you require for your relaxation.

Join us!

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