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Our mission is to serve and empower you, to discover and embrace your true nature, being a guiding instrument to help You experience the profound peace, love, and divine essence within You. 

We are dedicated to supporting you on this transformative journey. 



Igniting the Force of Unity through Yoga. We envision a world united by love, compassion and mindfulness. We believe that by cultivating a deep sense of inner peace and connection, we can create a ripple effect of positive change in our families, communities, planet and the world.  

At ACY we create a holistic experience that challenges you to become strong in Body, opens your heart and master your mind. 

In every class we encourage you to delve deep into your own journey, using yoga as a way to transcend your body and mid to meet on the field of silence, with your divine consciousness your inner voice, and take it with you beyond the mat, whether in daily activities, working, walking, in a conversation or in the best time with your beloveds.  

Join us on this journey towards collective awakening, and let us work together towards inner peace, self-discovery, and a more conscious way of living for a better world. 

Join us!

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