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Private Kriya Sadhana Program

What is Kriya yoga?

Kriya means Action that leads us to expansion to  our highest potential.

[ KRI ] action to do, [ YA ] other name for atman or soul, meaning kriya is a specific technique or action design to create a specific evolutionary response.
Kriya is a powerful tecnologie that combines postures, breath, mantra, mudras, bandhas, internal focus  and intention.

Kriya Yoga is a profound practice that combines physical discipline, mental mastery, and spiritual connection, by directly controlling the mind through the vital life force energy which your evolution can be accelerated. 

Incorporating kriya into our daily lives is a powerful tool to break free from old patterns, conditioned habits, and self-sabotaging behaviors. It enables us to release negativity, overcome fears, and consciously align our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions with our authentic selves.

By practicing kriya, we invite a state of full presence and awareness into our lives. It empowers us to live intentionally and make choices that are in alignment with our true essence.

We embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner growth, unlocking the vast potential within ourselves. Experience the profound benefits of Kriya Yoga as you delve into the depths of your being and connect with the universal consciousness.

A conscious kriya Practice can help you to:

– Create specific energetic shift in the physical, mental and energetic bodies
– Strength your energetic field/aura
– Release bio-memory, and create energetic shift at the cellular level
– Heal Trauma at the cellular level
– Refine the nervous system
– Refine and Balance the Chakras
– Rewire the brain with new possibilities to create the life you always dream
– Evolved intuition through love, joy & compassion
– Start to live a blissful and abundant life
– Cultivate a deep state of silence, stillness and peace
– Can help you feel more grounded and centered.

What includes: 

  • A first Video call , where we will discuss your current situation, challenges, and goals 
  • A second Video call where We’ll go through your tailored Sadhana and practice together, and then you’ll need to commit to continuing by your own for 30 days. I will always be available for any question. 
  • Ongoing support and open dialogue for 30 days through text messaging to address any questions or concerns. 
  • Follow-up call after 1 month to track progress and provide further guidance. 

After the 30-day period, we will schedule a final appointment to evaluate the progress made, discuss any positive changes or improvements experienced, and address any questions or concerns you may have. This session will provide you with ongoing support and guidance to ensure your continued well-being on your journey.

As this is a powerful and sacred practice it should be received where there is worthy and sincere inquiry with the practice, so I extend a special invitation for you to schedule an introductory call with us. This initial consultation, offered at no cost, allows us to connect and determine if this unique program aligns with your needs and goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the possibilities and discover if you qualify for this exceptional experience. Secure your place by scheduling your complementary consultation today.

Because I have been practicing for many years and I know the power of this techniques is why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. *

If, after the 30-day period you don’t experience any improvement. I will gladly refund your investment. Your satisfaction and progress are my top priorities. *Subject to presentation of your daily journal notes from the 30 days.

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