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Private Sattva Meditation Initiation Weekend

"As you tune into the sound of silence within, you begin to discover the luminosity wich permeates the whole universe and calls you deeper within. In this depth lies the greatest love there is. Discover this secret love within and allow it to take over your whole being”. -Anan Mehrotra

Experience the profound Sattva Meditation Initiation, a comprehensive and highly effective practice that brings the wisdom of the Himalayas directly to you.  No need to travel far; we bring these ancient Yog-Vedantic techniques directly to you, with our expert guidance, simply tune in and embark on this transformative journey. 

Through this initiation, you will be introduced to a kriya-based, mantra-based system that requires just 20-30 minutes of practice twice daily. 
Join us for a transformative online weekend program:
Sattva Meditation Initiation Weekend.
Over the course of three sessions, you will embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and Transformation.

Embark on your Sattva Meditation journey with our personalized program:

  • Session 1: In this session, we will delve into your current meditation practice, understanding your unique experiences and intentions. Together, we will set a firm intention to receive the powerful technology of Sattva meditation.
  • Session 2: On the second day, we will gather once again to introduce you to the principles, benefits, and deeper understanding of Sattva meditation. You will be initiated into the practice, reviewing the techniques that will support your meditation journey.


  • Session 3: The third day will be dedicated to practicing the Sattva meditation techniques together. After a rejuvenating break, we will come together for a sacred ceremony where you will receive your personal Mantra. This Mantra will serve as a guiding force in your meditation practice.
  • Throughout the program, we will provide ample time for integration and exploration, addressing any questions or inquiries that may arise.Ongoing support for30 days of open dialogue through text messaging.
  • After 1 month, we’ll have a follow-up call to track your progress and provide further guidance on your meditation journey. 

Plus: access to a record material to support your practice!

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Experience personalized guidance and support as you deepen your meditation practice and unlock the transformative power of Sattva Meditation. As this program is highly exclusive and limited in availability, I extend a special invitation for you to schedule an introductory call with us. This initial consultation, offered at no cost, allows us to connect and determine if this unique program aligns with your needs and goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the possibilities and discover if you qualify for this exceptional experience. Secure your place by scheduling your complimentary consultation today. 

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