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Japa Mala Moon Stone


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These malas have been handmade in Rishikesh, India, the Holy City and birthplace of Yoga and meditation.

The Mala is a Sacred tool, it contains 108 beads (and the Meru), as we move along the mala, it directs and centers the mind. If used with an appropriate mantra, it is a powerful combination to silence the mind towards stillness and self-mastery.”

Its use is a powerful meditative technique that involves two senses: hearing while chanting the mantra and touch as the beads pass through the fingers.

My intention is that when you hold this mala in your hands, imbued with the energy of the Himalayas, the wisdom, and the peace experienced at Mother Ganga, you can receive it and experience it in every meditation, and may this peace always dwell within you.


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