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I took your class for the first time yesterd. This morning, even though I still had the same stress and problems as the day before, I felt lighter, happier, and just good. I was meditating outside and felt so peaceful. I have been doing yoga poses and meditations for years, but have only had one class that was similar. I am really excited to have such a marked shift in the way I feel. I had never worked with the movement of energy along with the mantras and Breathwork together. Thank  you for such a helpful class!

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Advika your practice is awesome you are changing lives with that Hooah mantra! It I so energetic that it is like a light that pulls us up into the stratosphere! Keep bringing it in and more will come! You are a great light in the world. I have been doing the SanChin  breathing practice which generates a similar transcendental experience …now I’m doing your as a new one and I loved it

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Strength, Softness and Spaciousness…Namaste dear one in gratitude I bow for your guidance. Loved the prayanama 7 part breath and breath of fire in plank. Wonderful practice!

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Thank you so much first time here. It’s been a very transformative experience. Yes my heart has really opened. I’m so blessed to be here. So many times I wanted to give up but I persevered and felt the reward. It´s been a very transformative experience

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